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    As a member of the ACPB you are required to uphold the professional standards outlined in this document.

    These standards have been set in-order to make sure our profession is seen to be able to practice at the highest levels of professionalism and with public safety at the very heart of all we do.

    These standards are here to help members during their professional career and act as a benchmark for service and delivery levels.

    We believe that by uniting the industry and adhering to a stringent set of professional standards we can uphold the reputation of the aesthetics industry and ensure the safety of the public.

    If you are found to be in breach of these standards you may be liable to be expelled from the ACPB (See grievance and complaints procedure).

    Professional Standards

    1. You must advocate and practice client safety and act in the best interests of clients at all times

    2. You are not permitted to perform any treatment for which you do not hold a professional qualification

    3. You are expected to demonstrate professional values and behaviour at all times

    4. It is a legal requirement that you have professional indemnity insurance before you practice as a qualified aesthetician. Your insurance details will be displayed on your personalised photo-identification card

    5. Face-to-face client and prescriber consultations must be conducted before the administration of botulinum toxin

    6. You must notify a prescriber immediately about any changes to a patient’s medical status in relation to six-monthly botulinum toxin prescriptions. Treatment must not proceed without further clinical oversight

    7. POM products should not be obtained or used without clinical oversight from an allocated prescriber.

    8. You must obtain, document and keep signed client consent for all treatments. ACPB prohibits any injectable procedure to persons under the age of 18. Proof of age must be seen and recorded prior to treatments.

    9. Documents that contain any personal data must be stored and filed compliant with the GDPR regulations as introduced on May 25, 2018
    10. You must keep a record of all batch numbers of injectable cosmetics as used in individual client files in the event of product recalls or adverse effects

    11. Continual Professional Development must be carried out to ensure the highest levels of training and knowledge

    12. ACPB is reliant on Academies to offer CPD days as part of their charitable donation to us. As such, should a member wish to complete CPD at an academy at which they have not trained, one of your allocated CPD days will be an Assessment Day. This day will include practical training as well, but will serve as an assessment of your injectable skills and determine the path of your CPD training – where the focus should be.

    13. If you have any concerns about the administration of prescribed injectable cosmetics, you should seek medical advice

    14. In the event of an adverse incident you must follow procedures outlined in first aid and anaphylaxis training

    15. It is your responsibility to complete yearly reviews of first aid and anaphylaxis training

    16. During all treatments you must adhere to the highest levels of cleanliness and infection prevention and control guidelines

    17. In accordance with hazardous waste regulations you must ensure safe and correct disposal of clinical waste and sharps

    18. Record any incidents of adverse effects.

    19. The ACPB is for practitioners and is not intended for tutors. Should you begin teaching then ACPB reserves the right to cancel your membership.