An exhibition focusing on non-medics in aesthetics in Manchester has been cancelled.
Refunds are said to being organised for those who had booked stands and bought tickets for the event which should have been held on September 18 at the Hilton.
In a statement on the NMA Exhibition’s Facebook page, event organiser Callum Boardman said he cancelled the event on September 8 “under a few different circumstances”.
The statement said the show was cancelled for three main reasons – a lack of interest, a main sponsor falling through and the recent death of Mr Boardman’s father.
His statement says: “Unfortunately from the beginning the show did not really gain the interest we thought it would from the start, and the main sponsor we had lined up to cover the hotel cost fell through which left us in the back foot.
“The hotel cast was £13,000 for the day which is a massive amount to cover”.
In a more recent post Mr Boardman says the cancellation has cost him personally £8,000 in cancellation fees.
Mr Boardman had hoped for an attendance of up to 800 people with tickets costing £24.99 and had allocated space for 46 exhibition stands.
It had launched at the end of May “after a great deal of research” for non-medics in the aesthetics industry with guest speakers, live demonstrations and training companies in attendance.
Mr Boardman says the cancellation has meant he has lost not just the money.
He said: “For those of you that know me will know (sic) when I announced this event I lost a lot of clients who were medics because I am supporting and helping non-medics so you will know how much this meant to me but unfortunately circumstances prevented this from happening”.

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