There is no more Azzalure at Wigmore Medical.
They have issued a statement following a statement by manufacturers Galderma being quoted as saying that “product is readily available from usual stockists”.
To which Wigmore have responded as follows: “Contrary to Galderma’s public statement, Wigmore Medical is not presently in a position to be able to supply Azzalure, as we have not been supplied the product from Galderma since 13 June 2019. Further, Wigmore Medical has not received its April and June orders of Azzalure in full and does not have any remaining Azzalure purchased from Galderma in stock.
Wigmore Medical says it has been inundated with calls from customers and is setting the record straight.
Is seems predictions that Azzalure is only going to be available via Med FX and it’s couple of preferred suppliers, and for medics only, are coming to pass.

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