The ACPB has been informed by one insurance company of new requirements for practitioners who use the HYAPEN treatment.
Previously Hypen treatments, a non-invasive method of administration dermal filler, mesotherapy, biorevitalization & fat dissolve were open for insurance without any prerequisite qualifications or experience.
Today (Tuesday September 24, 2019) ACPB has been informed that is changing with immediate effect at the request of insurance underwriters.
The HyaPen system works by injecting the product at pressure high enough for a fine stream of liquid to penetrate the skin.
The new information was sent in an email as follows from an insurance company:
“This is an email to notify you that the prerequisite on the HYAPEN treatment (No needle filler) has changed from anyone able to do the treatment to – The client must have 6 months experience in advanced beauty treatment such as SPMU / Microblading in order to attain insurance for Hyapen”.
It is the understanding of the ACPB that insurance companies are attempting to reverse this decision but for now the insurance companies will require evidence of the experience.
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