A NEW charity has been approved by the Charities Commission to help support non-medics in the aesthetics industry and promote public safety.
The Association of Cosmetic Practitioners Britain’s stated objectives are: “To promote the health, safety and protection of the general public in the United Kingdom through the development of the highest standards of practice among non-surgical cosmetic practitioners, with special focus on injectables.”
The ACPB was formally a not-for profit organisation but now has official charity status with registered charity number 1184629.
The ACPB’s key objectives include:
  • To provide regulation through the maintenance of a voluntary register of persons, companies, organisations and others who are fit to practice as non-surgical cosmetic practitioners.
  • The advancement of the study, knowledge base and practice of non-surgical cosmetic intervention practitioners to help inform and promote safe, effective and professional standards for the benefit of the general public
  • Advancing the education of the general public in the field of non-surgical cosmetic treatments with special reference to injectables
The ACPB registers non-medical aesthetic practitioners and binds them to a code of conduct which focuses on public safety and also has a complains and disciplinary procedure that allows for the general public’s information to be used to expel non-competent practitioners.
In addition to creating a national register open to public scrutiny, The ACPB aims to create an inspectorate which monitors and polices standards for the public benefit – all visible on an upgraded website subject to available funding.
And, The ACPB offers Continual Professional Development as part of the membership fee to increase training for non-medical practitioners.
A fundraising campaign will launch soon to help create an upgraded national register and the inspectorate.
Once sufficient funding is received, the creation of an inspectorate will enhance the public benefit by monitoring facilities, qualifications, levels of cleanliness, safety, and policies and procedures putting patients first.
These are planned to be published in line with Care Quality Commission levels of achievement and graded as: Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement, Inadequate.
The ACPB is calling on all non-medics involved in the aesthetics industry to get involved and support its work, including calling on training centres to promote the work of the ACPB to its students past and present.
For more information on joining the ACPB contact support@acpb.co.uk

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