The latest edition of Professional Beauty magazine has a major story which it may have slightly under-played.
Under the headline: “Government pledges support for therapists in aesthetics” it reports that: “The Government has pledged to work with beauty industry representatives to move towards the development of accredited pathways for therapists working in aesthetics”.
Indeed, editor Eve Oxberryin praises moves that: “indicate Government support for vocational training routes that would enable therapists to reach Levels 6 and 7”.
We couldn’t agree more with Eve when she states: “Regardless of your thoughts on who should be allowed to perform which treatments, conversations like these are vital….”
Cosmetic Couture CEO Maxine Hopley has been extremely vocal repeatedly calling for higher standards, better professionalism but fighting for the right of beauticians to be able to perform perfectly legal procedures like Botox and dermal fillers.
Maxine defends the rights of properly trained non-medics to be able to practice – but also calls for stricter controls of the insurance industry and proper national standards of training and regulation.
Cosmetic Couture continues to attempt to gain national recognition for best practice with regards to training, education and regulation and is a founder member of the national JCCP Beauty Aesthetics Special Interest Committee, which is highlighted by Professional Beauty as being at the forefront of this debate.

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