As with any best-selling expensive product there are people looking to cash in on the market and sell rip-off versions.
But one cheap deal may cost you your reputation, livelihood and risk the life of someone you treat.
So, don’t risk it and only ever buy reputable products you can see are real.
But what to look for in a fake?
Here are some tips:
Don’t buy online from a site you don’t know
One of the tell signs of a fake website/eCommerce platform is the lack of contact details. Even if there were, they would not have anyone at the other end.
That is because they were never interested in offering you customer service in the first place, only to rip you off. If you can’t get in touch – DON’T TOUCH.
Location, location, location
When buying a property, they say location is everything. When buying fillers, it’s the same. Location is always key, even when you are buying online. Most of the legitimate companies with online outlets have a brick-and-mortar establishment where they can be checked out. If this is true for the online vendor, you usually have nothing to worry about. Likewise, check for where they ship their products from. If you can’t see – DON’T AGREE.
Is the price right?
Everyone wants a good deal, but some deals are just too good to be true. When this happens, it is probably too good to be true. If a dermal filler is being sold for a ridiculously low price, you should not ignore that as a sign. If it’s cheap – DON’T TAKE THE LEAP.
Same name different game
Sometimes, you may think you are buying a legitimate product, but it is a counterfeit made to look like the real thing – like Bolex Watch or a Porsh car – almost the same name but not quite!! Always check the box and the spellings just to make sure. Sometimes it will be jus a feeling that the product doesn’t quite look or feel like the one you have bought before. However, if the product has an official holographic sticker, this is one thing to compare. Other things to look for on the outer packaging could be misspelling or the use of a different font. A real-life case from Allergan showed a counterfeit Juvéderm Ultra 4, where there was a misspelling on one side of the outer packaging. On the authentic product it said: “Science of Rejuvenation” but on the counterfeit product it said: “Science of Erjuvenation”. If it reads wrong – IT IS WRONG.
What do other people say?
Third party testimonials can help verify authenticity.
It is good if a company praises itself, but it is even better if someone outside the company is saying something positive about the company. Look for company recommendations on different rating sites like My Google Business or testimonials from customers on the company’s own website. If the ratings and testimonials out there are positive and other customers have had good experiences dealing with the company, why shouldn’t you? Admitted, it is not all companies you will find on rating sites, but be sure that if the company is a scam, people will spread the word. Bad experiences travel fast on the internet. If hundreds say it’s good – IT’S PROBABLY GOOD but if they say it’s bad………….!!!
Always trust your gut feelings. If something looks wrong, feels wrong or is just a bit too good to be true then the advice is simple – DON’T BUY IT!

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