The dermal filler brand previously known as Princess has been rebranded as saypha®.
The announcement was made by the Austrian manufacturer Croma and soon we will see saypha® replacing Princess packaging. But the product remains the same.
This is the official announcement:
“The previous HA filler brand “Princess®” is replaced by the brand “saypha®” in a gradual process throughout international markets, focusing on Europe in the first place.
First and foremost the rebranding became necessary due to Croma’s ongoing globalisation process on the one hand and the advancing approval procedures of Hugel’s botulinum toxin product Botulax on the other hand, requiring a more medical HA filler brand, exclusively addressing medical professionals. Croma has licensed the product Botulax from the Korean toxin producer Hugel Inc. for Europe and recently established a joint venture company with Hugel, Inc., in order to develop and commercialize Croma’s HA filler and PDO thread products together with Hugel’s product Botulax in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Croma’s Managing Director, Andreas Prinz, further explained, “By replacing Princess® with saypha® we actually pursue several different purposes. Primarily, Princess® is not a suitable and approvable brand for all our current and future markets. Furthermore, the saypha® brand is consistent with Croma as the all-encompassing umbrella brand, introduced in 2017, under which every product can be streamlined and marketed with a unifying look and feel around the globe.
In the course of our progressing internationalization process this standardized appearance of the company towards our primary target audience, the medical professionals, becomes absolutely essential. Apart from that, all saypha® products are easy to distinguish from each other which was a customers’ request that we are happy to follow herewith. The saypha® brand also reflects medical science and evidence-based medicine, values that Croma felt committed to at any time. In short, by introducing saypha® we are creating a strong global HA filler brand that stands for comprehensive quality, reliability and medical effectiveness.”

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