We have had inquiries about dermal fillers when they are put on a prescription.
Dermal fillers are not a prescription only medicine and therefore can be bought without a prescription from a range of suppliers – and in this case VAT is applicable.
If you choose to put dermal fillers on a prescription then the prescriber must have a face-to-face consultation with the client and the prescription must relate directly to the client seen.
When on prescription dermal fillers are NOT subject to VAT.
There are no plans to class dermal fillers as a prescription only medicine.
The MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) has confirmed that it has no plans to make dermal fillers prescription only.
But the MHRA has confirmed that all dermal fillers will be regulated as medical devices from May 2020 under European Regulations EU 2017/745. A spokesperson for the MHRA explained:
“Dermal fillers currently placed on the UK market with a medical purpose are classed as medical devices and require a CE mark.
“There are, however, dermal fillers that are marketed for aesthetic use only that are not classified as medical devices as the manufacturer is not making a medical claim.
“The new legislation is addressing this regulatory anomaly by making all dermal fillers medical devices, irrespective of the claims attached to the product by the manufacturer.
“This is not the same as making dermal fillers prescription only and we have no plans to make such a change.”

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