The Association of Cosmetic Practitioners Britain (ACPB) is on the look out for some more prescribers.
Recently granted charity status, the ACPB is committed to raising and maintaining standards in the aesthetics industry in the UK with a focus on non-medics.
With members across the country it not only helps and supports its members, but in many cases enables them to practice.
Prescribers provide a vital service to the members and as such need to be aware of the reliance many of the members may place upon you.
Some members are new to the profession and need help and guidance as they establish their businesses. In these cases, it is not often possible for them to have five or six clients for you to see at any one time. Sometimes it may be that one client needs to be seen and a prescription issued.
The ACPB understands there are commercial considerations for prescribers when travelling and prescribing which is why it is aiming to create an effective national distribution of prescribers for the benefit of both members and prescribers.
If you’d like to know more or are interested in helping, please contact

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