Cosmetic Couture welcomes new guidelines issued by the Government this week about aesthetic procedures and what to do before you have them.
The Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) cosmetic procedures campaign aims “to ensure everyone has the right information about cosmetic procedure safety” with the hashtag #clueduponcosmeticprocedures.
However, in order to ensure better standards Maxine Hopley, CEO of Cosmetic Couture, believes the government should not only issue guidelines but encourage standards, robust quality training, qualification pathways, regulation and voluntary registers that are transparent and fully available for all practitioners – both medical and non- medical.
This new campaign points people to registers that are not accessible for non-medics in many cases.
Maxine said: “While the guidelines are a step in the right direction and as client safety is at the heart of what we do, they don’t go far enough.
“We need to help non-medics onto qualification pathways, to regulation and to be able to access voluntary registers so it is transparent and fully available for all practitioners – both medical and non- medical – and easy for the public to understand.”
The new guidelines DHSC begin with some “Top Tips” which include:
  • Check out the premises for basic hygiene principles like hand washing and sterile equipment
  • Don’t pay for procedures until you’ve had a consultation
  • Choose a reputable, safe and qualified, and insured practitioner who is trained in the procedure you are undertaking
  • Avoid participating in group treatments, or events involving alcohol
  • Make sure you know how to obtain aftercare advice and support if things go wrong
  • Don’t make hasty decision or feel pressured into agreeing to treatments
Cosmetic Couture 100% endorses these tips.

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